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Missionaries Supported

By Community Baptist Church

United States


  • Ron & Pat Hamilton


  • Gary & Barbara Forney
  • Larry & Pam Noland
  • Gerald & Marguerite Pauley 

South America

  • Argentina -- James & Amy Greenwood; Don & Lois Harris
  • Brazil -- Tom & Linda Gilmer; Don & Mary Merchant; Jon & Jenny Reiner
  • Uruguay -- Mel & Jan Wingrove


    Middle East

    • Lebanon – Haytham Nouri




    • Chuuk -- Jody & Terry Colson
    • Japan --  Tim & Kim Melton
    • Philippines -- Kevin & Mary Bennett
    • Thailand -- Nathan & Maam Beckman 


    • Daniel and Amy Baker

    Mission Boards

    of Our Missionaries

    • Association of Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE)
    • Aviation Radio Missions Service
    • Baptist Bible Fellowship Missions
    • Baptist International Missions Incorporated (BIMI)
    • Baptist Mid-Missions (BMM)
    • Baptist Missions to Forgotten People
    • Baptist World Missions
    • Central Missionary Clearinghouse
    • EMU International (Evangelical Mission to Uruguay)
    • Evangelical Baptist Missions
    • Global Faith Mission Agency
    • Independent Faith Missions
    • International Partnership Ministries
    • Jehovah-Jireh Ministries
    • Mt. Abarim Baptist Evangelical Association
    • Points North Baptist Mission
    • Source of Light Mission
    • United Ministry Fellowship
    • World Missionary Outreach
    • World-Wide New Testament Baptist Missions